Workers Compensation Case Management

WN Group provides case management services to employers aimed at controlling, reducing and resolving workers compensation liabilities.

For most employers, managing workers compensation liabilities:

  • Is not core business, yet can be resource sapping and a significant financial investment;
  • Requires understanding of a complex, evolving and often unintelligible regulatory environment, which is compounded if operating in more than one State or Territory;
  • Involves a myriad of stakeholders whose interests are often not aligned to those of the employer and its operational requirements;
  • Often involves overcoming entrenched expectations and significant barriers.

For WN Group, managing workers compensation is our core business. We work in close partnership with our clients to:

  • Elevate the management of workers compensation activities to a professional standard;
  • Find and implement practical, timely and durable solutions to workers
    compensation problems; and
  • Control and reduce the operational and financial impact of workplace injury and workers compensation liabilities.

Personal Injury / Illness Management

After years of management in the workers compensation realm, we’ve now extended our attention to applying similar principles to the management of unplanned workplace absenteeism due to personal injury or illness.

Does your business identify with any of the following:

  • Unsure how to manage a particular employee with a serious or long term injury/ illness?
  • Would like to support an employee to return to work but unsure how to approach this to ensure it is suitable, productive and properly documented?
  • Unsure if an employee should be cleared for work or has capacity to perform his/her normal role due to an injury or illness?
  • Concern at excessive or improper use by an employee of personal sick leave?

Using structured evidence based processes, we can help businesses:

  • Determine appropriate strategies for management of seriously injured or ill employees.
  • Minimise the impact of existing long term absenteeism due to personal injury or illness.
  • Liaise with medical treatment providers to determine expected outcomes.
  • Establish and manage Return to Work plans for employees unable to perform usual duties.
  • Establish systems for management of new absenteeism cases as they arise.

Policy Development

Workers compensation is an ever evolving landscape, with extensive compliance requirements.

WN Group consultants have worked with some of Australia’s best known companies to review, develop and implement polices and procedures for practical and compliant management of workplace injury and workers compensation liabilities. This taps into many years of accumulated experience and knowledge from working with a large cross-section of industry, which can be transposed into improved policy for all clients.

Key policy / procedural topics include:

  • Incident / Injury Reporting
  • Incident / Injury Investigation
  • Injury Management
  • Return to Work
  • Claims Administration / Management
  • Workers Compensation Payroll
  • Workers Compensation Accounts Payable
  • Management of Personal Injury / Illness


Its easy to get bogged down in the complexities of onerous workers compensation laws and compliance requirements. Our Line Manager training is built around teaching a practical, outcome based approach to management of workplace injuries, where compliance is just one of the by-products of doing it right.

Site based Line Manager training modules include:

  • Injury reporting / investigation
  • Workers compensation
  • Return to work process & responsibilities

These modules can be included as part of an induction process for newly appointed Line Managers.